Error installing FreePBX on Late 2014 Mac Mini

So to update. The install finished perfectly. I rebooted. Now I’ve got a flashing question mark folder.

I presume the Mac uEFI can’t find the Linux install or doesn’t know what to do with it.

Here are some instructions for resolving the same situation with Ubuntu. Going to see if I can get a Live USB drive working and see if I can do something (don’t know what exactly) working for SangomaOS

So you installed a release of the OS that is EOL and unsupported? Granted it went EOL a couple months ago but it’s still EOL. Why didn’t you do this with 16.04 or 18.04 which are LTS and have support to at least 2021 or 2023 (depending on the version).

You sound angry about this, so not sure if your question was rhetorical (and sorry if I’ve misread your tone, text is notorious for this!).

But the reason is here:

“Eventually I came across ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-amd64+mac.iso which actually did boot and install. Unfortunately, these mac-specific images seem to have fallen by the wayside as of late.”

But anyway - I’ve moved on from that successful install. I overwrote it with the SangomaOS which DIDN’T install. Someone posited:

Some disto installers will partition the hard drive as GPT/EFI even if the installer itself was booted MBR/BIOS. It sounds like that may be the case here. The first thing to try is usually a reinstall using manual partitioning, making sure the drive is partitioned as MBR (if the installer is attempting a /boot/efi partition, it’s not a good sign). The installers all vary here in how flexible they are: if the installer does not want to co-operate, you may have to manually format the partition table as “msdos” or “dos” via fdisk or another paritioning utility.

so now I’m going to look into somehow forcing or ‘tricking’ SangomaOS to use MBR?? Anyone know if this is even possible?!

Thanks all - and sorry again Tom if I misjudged your ‘anger’ - not sure if it’s there but it sounded like you were upset about my choice! Anyway, it worked, and so far, it’s the only thing which has!!

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Sounds like your having fun, on a similar safari i found


Thanks Dicko. Fun is not exactly the word :wink: . Yesterday I was so frustrated I nearly threw the bloody Mac out of the window. Today is a new day.

I’ve come across rEFInd on my quest too, but I don’t think it will help if SangomaOS has been installed as GPT instead of MBR. I may well be wrong on this. I am working pretty blind here!

I’m thinking my best bet is to reinstall Ubuntu 14 (sorry Tom!!) and then try to see if I can overwrite (but keeping the individual partitions intact?!) it with SangomaOS - really not sure if this will or can work but it seems like my last hope.

Just do



Oops, that just gets you up to date on Ubuntu, never mind


ooh…kickstart file?! That might do it?!

Nope. Zero emotional ties to this at all. Asked a logical question.

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