EPM with SNOM M700 DECT Base


I am using EPM EndPoint Manager 14.0.9 and is licensed and provisioning Yealink phones OK.

According the the EPM module compatibility page, you can provision SNOM M700 DECT bases.

I have created my template and selected the available device “M700”.

When it shows in Network Scan - I want to be able to register IPEIs to extensions. Currently, I have a large tftp file which imports all the extensions to the M700 base, but I want to use EPM…

When I go into Base Station Management it shows only Sangoma and the option is greyed out under the “brand” selection - it does not let me change it from Sangoma.

I thought SNOM M700s were officially supported in EPM? Does anyone have any idea how I change it?

I can map the base to an extension using extension mapping, but then only one extension is imported onto the base, when I want 50+ extensions on the DECT base station.

Any help appreciated.

Don’t bother to expect great support for anything in EPM outside of Sangoma.

Basic things work as long as it works within the limited scope of the EPM design. Things like Speeddial, and BLF. Things that have a type, label and extension.

Everything else needs done with beating on the basefile edit or putting your own files in /tftpboot.

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The Snom M700 is a certified device with Endpoint Manager and as such you can expect more than basic operation. The Snom DECT support predates Sangoma DECT by years, so it works differently. If I remember correctly, you add additional handsets by creating a new entry in Extension Mapping, each with the same base station MAC but with a different account.

Does the base station even support that many handsets? I doubt you can configure so many using EPM.

Hi Igaetz,

Thanks for the reply. Yes I saw it was certified but not sure I am setting it up correctly.

When setup in a multicell environment it supports:
Up to 200 registered handsets in the same network in multicell setup

So the 50 extensions in my understanding should be configured on a base (but they might register to the PBX from another base that picks up the config from multi cell)

My question is, should I be able to configure this from “Basestation Management” within the EPM module? I cannot add any base station except Sangoma.

I tried the way that you suggested (extension mapping to the same device multiple times for each different extension) and it would only allow me to register a maximum of 12 accounts :frowning:


Also thinking about this, I would need to register IPEI handsets to an extension, and it does not seem that EPM does not give me this option since it only allows Sangoma base stations to be added.

The Snom DECT is not provisioned by adding a basestation as you’ve discovered. You add individual entries in Extension Mapping for each handset.

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I re-developed the Snom M700 for OSS Epm a few Months ago including Multicell Support and up to 150 Handests or more. You can try it. Its also possible to use the latest OSS Epm together with the official EPM, but it is not supported from Sangoma in any way.

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