Snom M700 and M80 handsets

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You had said

I have one of the handsets set up in EPM with the base station’s MAC and the proper IEPI.

The M700 still needs to register to the PBX to get it’s handset extension info no? in the M700 base station interface seems to be s simplified version of the Sangoma. I thought similar entries would work but the base station can’t get the config file…

loc3 .Info 2022-02-03T11:14:58Z 232-[ RemCfg: Checking for settings]
loc3 .Info 2022-02-03T11:14:58Z 232-[ RemCfg: Attempting fetch of file: http://207.246.x.x:84/CfgUpload]
loc3 .Info 2022-02-03T11:14:58Z 232-[ RemCfg: Error loading file]
loc3 .Info 2022-02-03T11:14:58Z 232-[ RemCfg: Attempting fetch of file: http://207.246.x.x:84/CfgUpload-00041361E55B]
loc3 .Info 2022-02-03T11:14:59Z 232-[ RemCfg: Error loading file]
loc3 .Info 2022-02-03T11:14:59Z 232-[ RemCfg: Attempting fetch of file: http://207.246.x.x:84/CfgUpload-firmware]
loc3 .Info 2022-02-03T11:15:00Z 232-[ RemCfg: Error loading file]
loc3 .Info 2022-02-03T11:15:00Z 232-[ RemCfg: No setting server offered via SIP PNP]

in the Snom M700 UI under management I have the filename set as “/CfgUpload” the same as for the sangoma base station but I’m guessing this isn’t correct?

Or am I just barking up the entire wrong tree here?

Snom M700 Multi-Radio Base Station

& M80 handsets

  • Ensure that the Snom M700 and handsets are on the latest firmware.
  • Configure the PBX with the extensions for the handsets
    • EPM (requires licensed EPM)
      • Set up a snom template
      • Ensure that M700 is selected form available phones
    • Extension > other
      • Brand= snom
      • Model=M700
      • Template=snom epm teplate
      • Mac address = M700 mac
      • Account = Account 1 (if there is more than one handset, each must be on a separate account#)
    • EPM > Extension mapping
      • Get the handset’s IPEI# from the sticker underneath the battery
      • Configure the extension with the M700 mac and handset IPEI.
    • Admin > system admin > Provisioning protocols
      • Write down the http(s) username
      • Write down the http(s) password
  • Log into the M700 web UI with the default login
    • Login: admin:admin
    • Main menu > county: set the proper info
    • Main menu > time: set the time server
    • Main Menu > Management
      • Name base station
      • Http Management username: http(s) username that you wrote down
      • http manamgen password: http(s) password that you wrote donw
      • Configuration:
        • Configuration server address: https://pbx IP:port
        • Filename: /snomM700
        • Save and reboot
  • When the M700 comes back up
    • Login with admin and the new password from the PBX that is set in EPM Global Settings
    • go to main menu > extensions to see if the extensions from the PBX are populated.
  • Register a handsets to the base station, they should all register with the PBX
  • For multi cell setup refer to Snom documentation from this website: base station

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