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Continuation to @lgaetz previous post about addition of new Grandstream models i.e. EPM Support for Grandstream Devices , We have now added the support of few more GRPx series of GS models -

GRP2616, GRP2624, GRP2634, GRP2670

Endpoint module version - v16.0.69+ / v15.0.52

For the full canonical list of EPM supported devices see the wiki page: EPM-Supported Devices - PBX GUI - Documentation

Feel free to raise a commercial support ticket to report any issue.

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Is the Endpoint manager version you stated above (15.0.52) available to download in freepbx? We have a grandstream grp 2616 we are trying to get setup and it is not listed in our available phones list under endpoint manager 15.0.51. We are unable to fetch the new 15.0.52 version through module admin so Just curious if it is actually available.

It’s in the edge repo. You can install using the command:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall endpoint --tag
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Thanks so much I was awaiting support for the GRP2616 for 1.5 yrs…

However the way you labeled the key assignments for the GRP series is incorrect.
GRP26xx phones have line keys (VMPKs - virtual multi purpose keys) which are to the left (and on the right as well on GRP2615) of the screen, they also have soft keys (which are below the screen - options like call history, redial, menu, etc.), and they have MPKs (multi purpose keys) which are the physical keys on the bottom right (the GRP2615 doesn’t have these).
See below:

Please rename accordingly to avoid huge confusion with Grandstream users.

Pls report to https://issues.freepbx.org/

If the report is complete enough, we can work from there. Otherwise you may be directed to a support ticket.

OK I’ve reported it there

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