EPM Support for Grandstream Devices

Hello all. Quick note to let everyone know that Endpoint Manger support has been added for Grandstream models:


For the full canonical list of EPM supported devices see the wiki page: EPM-Supported Devices - PBX GUI - Documentation


Is this available in EPM I dont see them listed. Or is this only in EPM 15?

15+ only.

Thanks, i noticed in the supported device list they are listed as non-certified. So does that mean in EPM15 they are only basic provisioning or is it now full provisioning?

They use the same template as all other GS devices.

Great! I was waiting for the HT818 to be added!

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So i upgraded to FreePBX V15 and now i get the GRP Models in EPM which is a start. however the key mappings are wrong. it seems that grandstream changed the modes for the buttons so if you select a button in the template, it shows up as a different button on the phone. I had to manually edit the basefile and program each VPK based on the P codes i downloaded off a configured phone set.

Please open a support ticket and provide whatever information you can for the correct config.

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