EPM module no longer updating?

Several of my systems show REST Apps module needs manual updating. when I try to update it says EPM needs to be updated but no updates for EPM show when I do a check online.


Is the module license up to date?

no license required for sangoma phones

EPM doesn’t even come up as needing an update

yep… trying edge module now. only way to get it to show the required EPM.

that solution was for distro 16. I’m still working with a few distro 15 systems and that solution didn’t work for them apparently

Same issue here.

What mirrors are you using?

How do I check what mirrors I am using?

in command line run: fwconsole setting MODULE_REPO

Setting of “MODULE_REPO” is (text)[https://mirror.freepbx.org]

Understand when your server is activated and has a deployment id that id is sent to the mirror with the request. The xml received back will be based on your deployment id. If you are licensed on a commercial module but outside of maintinance it will not show updates for that module. So what you see may not be the latest, only the latest available to you. Note if someone does version specific dependencies it will break things so you cant update those modules outside of what you have available to your system.

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Free modules depending on specific versions of paid modules should be considered a bug.


Free modules should never depend on commercial modules (except firewall and that is a whole different discussion) In general dependencies should be all around limited. As a policy when other people guided the project dependencies were to be avoided whenever possible. If a module tied in to functionality it was generally optional with conditionals in place. Even stuff I write now will do a module status check before attempting to call something from that module. There are times where it is needed such as your smsadapter module. That unfortunately relies on a commercial module. In a case like that hopefully the dependency can be version agnostic. This requires extra logic but prevents breakage. Again in general anything “Free” should be able to run without the need of anything “comercial” This would however require in some cases you to rewrite whole blocks of functionality. In the case of Firewall someone would have to build a “free” module to do some of what sysadmin does and it would have to not conflict so it could be used with or without sysadmin installed. Then you (maybe only some of us and not you) have to worry about the lawyers. There are things I would love to write open source that frankly I can’t. I would even like to contribute to your smsadapter but I don’t want to poison the well.

I didn’t consider the paid module was expired. I renewed and it’s all good now.

Would have done sooner if there was indication on the update page that there was a newer update which I didn’t have access to due to payment.


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