Endpoint Manager wrong expiry breaks all other apps

FreePBX 15 web gui
I couldn’t get into Inbound Routes, the page crashed, complaining about some modules being disabled.

Sangoma Connect had been disabled and was somehow causing this problem.

Sangona Connect was disabled because PhoneApps was disabled.

PhoneApps was disabled because it needed to be upgraded. We hadn’t even purchased PhoneApps so I have no idea why this was a problem. We needed to buy PhoneApps eventually anyway, so I went ahead and purchased it from within the FreePBX web gui.

That didn’t work. Phone Apps was disabled because EndPoint Manager needs to be upgraded first.

I thought there was probably a bunch of things out of date and we really needed to be on V16 so I went ahead and upgraded all modules and upgraded to V16. There were a few issues with deprecated modules and other conflicts, but I just disabled whatever it was complaining about and we moved ahead.

Upgrade completed, didn’t fix anything.

I did some research and found others having an issue where if Endpoint Manager wasn’t paid up to date, it wouldn’t reactivate.

I have purchased a 25 year licence for Endpoint Manager a couple years ago, so the updates are out of date now. I have searched high and low to purchase the updates but all I can find is the 1 year EPM with 1 year of updates. How can I just buy the updates?

Per the licensing agreement it is a 25-year license for use but actual support and updates require an annual fee which can be 18-30% of the original module cost. If you don’t pay for the support/updates then after the first year you lose the ability to update the module(s).

There are options to renewal in the Sangoma Portal. When you run updates on the system and a module is due for a renewal, it is marked for renewal and in the GUI you have a ‘Renew’ button next to the module in Module Admin when you do checks for updates.

The Commercial Module license agreement is available from every module. There are links to it in Module Admin in the individual module listings.


If you don’t need the commercial version of EPM because you are only using Sangoma/Digium phones, or simply don’t use EPM, open a support ticket and ask Sangoma to remove the commercial EPM license from that deployment and revert to the free EPM module, which is only suitable for Sangoma/Digium phones. You will then be able to update and enable the disabled modules. If you want to renew the maintenance for Support & Updates, go to Reports in the Sangoma Portal, then Module Renewal by Deployment.

Thank you, all these answers clear up many of my questions.

I purchased 5 years of updates for Endpoint Manager. In the activation section, the expiry now shows “Updates and support until 2028-04-13”

But I still can’t enable Phone Apps, Sangoma Connect, Sangoma Property Manager and a few others. They’re all dependant on something else and it’s now in a loop of dependancies.

I think we might need some error messages to be able to help.

What do you get when you do fwconsole ma upgradeall?

Please see attached screenshot from running fwconsole ma upgradeall

What do you get when you do fwconsole chown and then fwconsole ma upgradeall.

Hmm, this is not an issue with dependencies. It sounds like the system is missing a bunch of required directories. Maybe somebody else has run into this at some point but maybe your upgrade to 16 didn’t complete correctly.

The issue started before the upgrade from 15 to 16. We were planning to upgrade in a couple of weeks but since this issue started, I upgraded hoping to fix the issue.

Unless the getcwd error is normal, I’d say it isn’t a case of missing directories, but rather of running in a directory where the directory or the parent has insufficient permissions. I suppose it could also be an artefact of going off the edge of the world in a container system.

I’m not familiar with that command, but here’s the output:

Also I notice on the invoice I received a desrepancy between the dates. Shouldn’t those dates be 1 year from now if I just purchased this?

It can take up to 24 hours until the licensing and mirror servers synchronize the information.

Thanks, yes I’ve also read this. But this was an invoice generated from ordering and paying for Phone Apps 25 year licence. I would exect that the invoice would be generated from the correct licence details as it is automatically generated and emailed to me after purchasing.

getcwd is a C library call, not a shell command.

Ok thanks David. What would you like me to do to get some further info for troubleshooting?

I’d want to know how FreePBX was installed.

It was installed by someone who no longer works with me but I believe it was just the centos distro, nothing unusual. It was about 2 years ago. What can I dig up in logs to find out what you need to see?

I’m not sure if the getcwd messages are normal. I would expect them to be errors, but FreePBX has a tendency of producing bogus error messages. What I was trying to establish was whether you installed it on bare machine, or in another way, and in the latter case, did you use something like docker, of a chroot environment.