Endpoint Manager for dummies

Unfortunately you are just plain wrong. I just helped a client use epm with the features I listed above and it worked perfectly. This was ironically right when you sent this reply. Next time when you have an issue file a bug request. Or email me for free support ad I have offered many many times. Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m reporting to you what happens when I follow the directions that you’ve provided. It may be that something about my configuration is causing issues, but I’m not “plain wrong.”

I’d be happy to open a bug report. Can you provide me with some instructions on how to do so?

I don’t even know your e-mail address, so I can’t e-mail you for support.

I’m happy to work with you on these issues.

All of my testing was done on the latest (non-beta) FreePBX Distro with templates for the Aastra 6757i.

andrew (dot) nagy (at) the159 (dot) com

I look forward to your email.

It’s in your inbox. :slight_smile:

In the endpoint template manager, editing the SPA504G template, I see a “Line Options”, allowing me to configure each of its 4 lines/buttons.

When editing the SPA942, 962, 509G, which have 4,6,9 lines/buttons respectively, there is no “Line Options”, not allowing you to configure the other lines/buttons using the EPM GUI.

Is this intentional or a bug? What am I missing?


It’s intentional. I have to write these options out manually for each phone and I do not get paid for it.

Understood tm1000.

I’ve found that I can just use the 504g ‘Product Select’ foe a SPA942 and SPA962 template

ALSO - I’m confident that you do not hear it enough but THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!!

All to often I hear ‘entitlement’ on these forums for a product that has been given to them for free!

People don’t realize the power they wield with Open Source (FREE) tools like Asterisk and FreePBX.


this link is dead.

Hello, Frends!

My name is Iliya. I am system administrator of Asterisk PBX.
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