Endpoint Manager for dummies

I’ve been trying to get my head around the endpoint manager setup.

Under Configuration, have installed the Aastra models I wanted and clicked install firmware. Then went into template manager and created a simple 9480 template with just a single DND button just to get started.

Then to Device List and did a scan for the phone and it was located - selected that phone and assigned the 9480 template and assigned the phone and extension number.

There must be something else I am missing.

Do I need to go into the Advanced Settings > Configuration Editor and modify the $mac.cfg and the aastra.cfg files? If so, is there somehwere that outlines what needs to be changed?

Why would you need to edit those files?

You added the phone and then did not state what you were expecting it to do?

Not to be a wiseguy - I was expecting the phone to be operational. It has L1 in the top LH corner of the display and that’s it. Won’t dial any extension and the expected DND button is not there.

I thought perhaps that since the phone didn’t come up as I expected, I thought maybe I had to do something else.

Under Extension programming, I can select the Aastra set with the proper MAC address so it is seeing it - I’m not getting the extension number or features assigned to that set.

Maybe the issue is somewhere else and not with the Endpoint Manager. The Freepbx box is not my dhcp server, that is done in the Linksys router - is it related to that?


You’ll need to enable DHCP option 66 on your router. Or put in the relevant tftp information in on the phone itself.

Great, thank you for your help.

Option 66 on the router - do you mean port forward port 66 to the Freepbx box? I don’t see anything in the DHCP area on the router listing any option 66. It’s a Linksys RV082 router

Thanks again!

Ya…you probably wouldn’t see it. DHCP is actually comprised of a bunch of ‘options’, not just client ip addresses. I doubt any linksys,netgear,dlink type products will allow you to modify that.

You’d need to have setup a DHCP server in linux or windows to set those options.

Or like I said set it on the phone itself, for every phone you have


Ok, you’re right the router doesn’t have Option 66 in DHCP.

Entered the web interface for the Aastra set programming and entered only the IP address of the Freepbx box and it downloaded the firmware and the phone is showing the proper buttons. It does say no service on the display and I can receive calls but not originate - but I will work on that. Next step is a polycom 650!

Thanks again for your help!

Oh well it would say no service :frowning:

Someone just alerted me to that fact and they have submitted changes to get that phone working. So stand by

I will have to look and see if the config is similar to the phone I had gotten ahold of… (no more aastras on hand, all installed already… so my fixes were pulled from that working install for those phones…) I’m pretty sure it’s probably the same issue though… standby.


Made the same changes in the family that contains the 9480, don’t have one of those to test, so as soon as the OTHER Andy (LOL) gives you the go ahead, update your epm and try it again…


ok done & done and updated

You sir are a rockstar!

Thanks for your help - working like a champ now.

That’s good to hear… That’s 2 Nagy owes me! LOL but really, whos keeping score…?


Be sure to let me know if the key assignments work, too… if not, perhaps we could make arrangements for me to get my hands on one of the phones and I’m sure I could hash it out…oh FEDEX?? Where for art thou FEDEX? LOL


I have a couple of key assignments working now and just added a 3rd button (speed dial to voice mail) so they seem to be working good on the Aastra.

Next up is the Polycom 650 - There doesnt appear to be button programming available in the templates for that set. Also, I put 1 as the line number and all programmable buttons have the extension number assigned.

On the Polycom, don’t have access to one, so not much help I’m afraid. But if you get stuck and find that you would be willing to do w/o the phone for a week or so, PM me, you pay shipping to me, and I’d be willing to pay on the return trip. :slight_smile: Just let me know if you need me :slight_smile: I live for this sh*t :slight_smile: LOL (Second ONLY to my children, of course!)


Hi Andy, thanks for the offer and I would be willing, however I am in Canada so shipping across the border would be quite expensive for just testing purposes.

Well, the offer stands, anybody (preferably in the continental US :slight_smile: ) wishing to get a particular phone working, willing to split the shipping costs w/ me, PM me and let me know :slight_smile: Like I said, I enjoy “tinkering” with stuff :slight_smile:


What options were you looking for?

Programming speed dials and features - same as on the Aastra sets. If we wanted to program something like a call park button, or pickup or speed dials. Really it could be anything in the Feature Code list. Currently it just shows the extension number programmed on all of the buttons.

The GUI for epm is going to be changing, so I am reluctant to enhance the interface just yet… could end up being wasted effort if the new gui is substantially different…