Endpoint Manager for dummies

Oh OK.

It seems that the button programming is a bit of a limitation compared to the Aastra phones, where you can program your own features to many of the buttons.

I find the Aastra XML scripts preferable over the end point manager for the Aastra Brand.

I use the endpoint manager for everything else.

Is there somewhere I can read up on how to do it with XML? Although EPM seems to do a decent job of it. Now if there was a better way for the Polycoms, that would be good.

With the XML scripts you get cool features, besides just basic button and phone provisioning


The xml scripts are awesome! So much more available on the sets now.

Followed the instructions on your link and all worked well, went in and removed them from the endpoint manager and rebooted the phone.

Will have to look around to see about moving buttons and or changing features.

Would you have a link for the same type of instructions for Polycom phones?

Polycoms are easier to setup through Endpoint Manager. there are no scripts like Aastra avalible for them. The scripts for Aastra are actually developed by schmooze (co-developer of freepbx)

On a side point I’m developing scripts that work with Polycoms and Endpoint Manager. If you’d like them then shot me an email at andrew.nagy at the159.com

Right now I have weather,news and a few other features. Nothing as cooll as Aastra but at least better than anything else out there :slight_smile:

Are there any documents or postings that describe the Endpoint Manager architecture and how each file relates to each other and the DB tables?

How do I make changes to the existing phone models and add new phone models to the “Show/Hide Brands/Models” page? What files/tables do I need to edit?

A good starting point is here: http://www.provisioner.net/adding_new_phones

But beyond that there’s really nothing.

Not sure if you found your answer yet gw…logging onto the phone (ie IP entered into browser address bar) as user Polycom, under Lines, Identification, you can specify the number of keys you would like per line. Hope this gets you going in the right direction. :slight_smile:


Treading Water - The whole purpose of the endpoint manager is not to have to program the phones directly.

Just trying to help in the meantime.

That won’t work. On reboot the phone would read from the configs on the hard drive again and reset the value.

In the endpoint template manager, editing the SPA504G template, I see a “Line Options”, allowing me to configure each of its 4 lines/buttons.

When editing the SPA942, 962, 509G, which have 4,6,9 lines/buttons respectively, there is no “Line Options”, not allowing you to configure the other lines/buttons using the EPM GUI.

Is this intentional or a bug? What am I missing?


While I greatly respect the author of the EPM, I have chosen time and again to simply manually configure my Aastra phones by creating my own aastra.cfg and MACADDRESS.cfg files. The phones are much more easily configured this way and they have tons of options and configurations that simply aren’t possible using the EPM.

I agree. I have numerous customizations to the original config files. However, I like the ability to configure and reboot the phone from within FreePBX. Also, the EPM, via ARI, permits easy access to users to configure some of the personal settings on their phone, such as speed dials, etc. What I have done is to use EPM to deliver my configs. So far so good.

You can add those customizations to EPM through the file editor, then assign that to said templates.

I’ve found that you can’t do it on a per phone basis. You can edit the Aastra.cfg file or the Mac.cfg file, but when you edit the mac.cfg file, it affects all phones, and not just the phone that you are editing.

Also, there seems to be a bug in the current version that causes the system to ignore my efforts to add line 2, line 3, line 4, etc…

Sorry to say AdHominem but you are unfortunately wrong. You can indeed set configs (custom configs) on a per phone per template basis. If you would have asked how you would have learned you can create these custom templates in “Endpoint Man Advanced Settings” then go to “Product Options Configuration Editor” then select your product line and edit the templates and click save as and bam, that config will now show up in the template manager section, allowing you to assign to per phone or per group of phones.

Also I’m 100% sure you aren’t adding lines in the right area. You add lines on the main screen, with the big gigantic plus symbol. You do not add lines in the template editor as is commonly thought.

Next time just ask about these missing features and I will fill you in instead of assuming what you think are bugs or missing features

Thanks :slight_smile:

I tried hitting the big plus on an install with the latest FreePBX Distro. No new lines appeared, but I got a red message saying that a line I didn’t want to add was added to an extension that I wasn’t working on (but that message was inaccurate).

I have indeed created custom templates in the advanced settings. When I modified the Mac.cfg file, I found that those modifications affected all templates.