Endpoint Manager and Cisco 79x5 with the 7916 key expansion module

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The endpoint manager, which I purchased, doesn’t have the 7916 key expansion module available for the 79x5 phones. How do I go about adding this in so that I can setup lines on the module?

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I should note, I’ve already done the base edit to add this to enable the module:

   <addOnModule idx="1">
   </addOnModule idx="1">

But the 79x5 only has x amount of lines to use, I can’t find a way to make it have more lines that the module now allows.

(Dave Burgess) #3

I’m not aware of the SIP version of the 79xx phones supporting sidecars under any configuration. In SCCP mode, I’ve used this sidecar and I know it’s supported.

If you haven’t already done a lot of work to get that phone working in SIP mode, I’d recommend using Chan-SCCP-B for the sidecar support.

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I’ve got the phone working well with sip and freepbx using the endpoint manager. All my call features appear to be good (other then maybe BLF). Once i added the addonmodules code using the base edit (as noted before), the add on module (sidecar) lights up and comes online.

The only problem is when i go to add lines to that phone for that template, endpoint manager shows my phone (7965) as only having 6 lines to setup. The add on module adds 24 more lines, and they are identical to the setup for those other 6 lines. I could go and edit the xml config file for the phone, copy/paste the line 6 entry and make it line 7 and it will show on the sidecar, but when i rebuild the config from endpoint manager, it will not persist.

Is there a way to edit the template for a phone to add more lines? That’s really all it needs.

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Since I don’t use the Cisco phones in SIP mode, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. I know that the SCCP Manager has a 7916 module built in that I know works in SCCP mode. I’m not sure how you’d extend that using SIP and the OSS Extension Manager.

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Since i have the paid commercial version, does anyone know who do i contact for support and to make a feature request?

(Dave Burgess) #7

I’d call them or submit a Feature Reqest ticket through “Issues” and ask if it was worthwhile. I’m pretty sure that Commercial EPM’s support for Cisco phones is bare-bones (since I doubt Cisco wants to support FreePBX).

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Confirm your device is supported:

If it’s supported and you see a bug, open a commercial module support ticket:

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