End Point Manager, timeline for Digium D80 support?

Is there a any news as to when Digium’s lovely D80 handsets will be supported by End Point Manager?

We have a number of those and would happily buy the commercial license.


Right now those phones only support DPMA for configuration and EPM does not use DPMA as it’s agnostic to devices. Not sure on timing to get the D80 to support more then just DPMA for configuration.

Looking forward…any reason to continue DPMA with newer releases of Digium phones?

Digium Phones Module for Asterisk (DPMA; res_digium_phone.so) != Digium Phones Add-on for FreePBX. DPMA provides secure identification and provisioning as well as applications communication between D-series phones and Asterisk (and Switchvox).

If you’re using FreePBX, Endpoint Manager provides a number of configuration options and conveniences (RESTFul Phone Apps for FreePBX, templates, access to more of the phones configuration options) than using the Digium Phones Add-on for FreePBX does.

DPMA is heavily used in Switchvox which is where most D Series phones are sold.

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