Enabling mp3 file format for MOH

Hey guys,
I need a guide how i can install mp3 file format on my FreePBX system installed on Centos 7.
On the guide
I have enable mp3 file format but now when i upload i get error: Unsupported file type
Here is additional information from Dashboard: You are missing support for the following HTML5 codecs: mp3

A guide on how to install missing codec will be great. I have tried to convert mp3 to wav but the files are too large to upload.

I have installed Lame in the server but still the problem is not fixed

The guide is on the wiki

Hold music often sounds terrible over the phone, especially on a mobile. I recommend editing your .mp3 locally, adjusting levels and equalization and converting to a .wav file with monaural 16-bit samples at 8 kHz sample rate. When you get it to sound decent (it will never sound great), upload the .wav file.

Note that a mono .wav file at 8 kHz sample rate is only 128 kbps (about 1 megabyte per minute). This is likely no larger than the .mp3 file you started with.

What do you mean by “too large”? Not enough disk space (100 songs should be less than half a gigabyte)? Your internet upload speed is too slow (even at 1 mbps, that’s ~8 times faster than real time)? You are exceeding some limit and getting an error message?

Without any adjustment i convert the files into .wav they are 15+ MB, and the FreePBX allow files upload around 8mb per file.
I have quote this part and mark it as solution.

That is your php configuration not freepbx.

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wav file are uncompressed, .wav49 (also known as .WAV) are compressed and about the same size as an .mp3 alsop about 10% of the .wav’s size.

asterisk can always chew wav and WAV files and even convert them with file convert

Usage: file convert <file_in> <file_out>
Convert from file_in to file_out. If an absolute path
is not given, the default Asterisk sounds directory
will be used.

       file convert tt-weasels.gsm tt-weasels.ulaw

I have used:
sed -i ‘s/(^upload_max_filesize = ).*/\120M/’ /etc/php.ini
But still i`m limited to 8mb per file
Here is the information inside the php.ini:
; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
; http://php.net/upload-max-filesize
upload_max_filesize = 20M

There’s two locations you have to change. Search for 8M

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