Emergency Route for Multiple Locations

How do you direct e911 between two separate locations for one freepbx? I have a client that is opening a second location, but is using an IVR to manage calls for their phone number.

Can someone tell me if I am going about this all wrong?

  1. Leave default ‘Outbound Route’ alone
  2. Create emergency ‘Outbound Route’ for location 1 and 2
  3. Assign number with e911 info in trunk for second location
  4. Set in ‘Class of Service’ emergency outbound route for location 1 extensions to the outbound route 1, and for location 2 to the outbound route 2.

or would it be bettter to create a Trunk for location 1 and location 2 and setting ‘Outbound CallerID’ to the temporary number with e911 info?

In most scenarios, simply setting Emergency CID for each extension (to a value for which the provider has a valid E911 address) will handle the basic routing. You probably still want a separate Emergency Route to handle notification requirements, force recording, perhaps fail over to a POTS line if your internet connection is down, etc.

If the branch extension numbers are all in a block, it may be easier to set up two emergency routes, the first with a CallerID field that matches all phones in the branch.

Class of Service is not needed for this purpose, but if you bought it for other reasons, it’s another way to skin the cat.

Those phones at other locations are probably not going to dial much of anything if the internet is down at the PBX location.

  1. Nothing the OP stated tells us where the PBX is. You are assuming on prem.
  2. There is no requirement, in any jurisdiction, for infallible service.
  3. Good admins build failure plans anyway.

I’m hosting freepbx on vultr.

Since one location has 3 extensions and their other location has 2 extensions I’m defining the ‘emergency cid’ in the extension to the proper did with e911 address.


It really just comes down to what you want to manage. You either manage the routes, or you manage the extensions. It is about the same amount of work either way for many small offices.

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