Emergency Evacuation multiple inbound routes

Hi Is there a way to set up a feature code to dial to play a recording to all inbound routes that the office has been evacuated and to call back later ? We have about 15 inbound routes. I dont know if the feature code is the right way to go but was the only way i could see of quickly implementing an evacuation message.

I think i found away round this by just giving our fire marshalls access to call flow override all in apps. Id like to hear any alternatives as i think using a feature code would be quicker.

A password protected feature code (or web page, or both) is definitely the way to go.

The problem with doing that is that anything that comes with the system is they are almost always “one input/one output”, so 15 inputs through a single selector to 15 outputs is going to be a challenge.

Using custom code triggered by a feature code (which could trigger an Asterisk Database setting) which could then be used as a diverter is definitely doable.

You could use 15 “time conditions” or “Flow controls” and have them all tie to the same ‘event’, once again tied to an Asterisk database field. That would still require some custom code, but it wouldn’t be hard to put together.

Cheers Dave i thought that would be the case i started creating the input output method and thought by the time I have activated the 15 diverts the building would probably be completely on fire. maybe another feature to be added to freepbx for an easier way to create an emergency divert for all incoming call flows.

it’s been requested:

About two months ago, @Dickson posted some code that could be of use to your effort. In it, a single input is used after a call enters the system, does something, and then drops the incoming call stream into one or more output channels based on the original Direct In Dial (DID) information. He’s done a lot of “pro bono” coding for the project already, so asking for his help might seem greedy, but using his last DID based code might be a good starting point for a commercial development project.

Remember, at @lgaetz pointed out: https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-14660 does exist, but would probably move along much more quickly with some code behind it.\

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