Emails not sending

I have scoured these forms and have not found a solution. I Have done a basic installation freePBX Distro Install, updated to FreePBX 2.10.0beta3.2 just this morning. My voicemail is recording as it should, but I am do not recieve emails. I do not know much because I am just starting my FreePBX journey…as in:

no idea how to send a email from the command line
or how to view my mail log
nor how to access or edit any files (like postfix)???

These two conversations seem to be the most “helpful” but mean nothing to me:

Any help would be appreciated

no idea how to send a email from the command line


or how to view my mail log

use your favorite editor /var/log/maillog


tail -f /var/log/maillog

Then send an email

nor how to access or edit any files (like postfix)???

use your favorite editor

I know I am showing complete ignorance. But… Favorite editor… what kind of editor. Are you speaking of an html editor like notepad++? If so… how do I get those files from the pbx machine… via ftp? Do I need to install an editor on the pbx machine? Sorry to be so ignorant. I do appreciate your assistance.

Everyone has to start somewhere don’t worry.

There are many different editors for Linux. I use vi. nano is also very popular and is probably a lot easier to learn to use than vi. Both vi and nano should already be installed on your system by default.

Moving the files off the PBX to edit them is doable. If that is the route you wish to go you could install winscp on your PC and use it to copy the file, edit it and copy it back. See this link for winscp

You will eventually need to access the command line to maintain the system so at some point you will probably want to learn to use an editor on the PBX.

I am starting to build a basic knowledge. Thank you! I am attempting to learn nano since it is a editor on the PBX as you suggest is best. I am able to view my mail log! Yippie!!! It is failing to connect, reason is my isp blocks port 25. So I know I need to change me smtp port. Most everywhere I look it says to edit my /ect/mail/ file. for example this forum I found here:

I type the following:

nano /ect/mail/

I get a [New File] and it of course is blank. No strings or values to change…

As normal, my question is… what am I missing here?

The FreePBX Distro uses postfix for email.

/etc/postfix/ is where the config files reside.