Emails Coming from Wrong Address


This may be a really dumb post but it’s been driving me nuts for days now. I have several PBX installations and originally email notifications were set to go to it @ domain .com. I now want these going to a different address, so in the GUI under Notifications I’ve changed the email. I’ve also changed the email under Advanced settings and everywhere else I can find any reference to this email address. No matter what I change emails still get delivered to It @ domain .com

In desperation I ran a grep search for ‘it @ domain .com’ against the file system and it returned nothing. I even searched the asterisk database and while it did find references they are all tied to backup jobs that email configuration backups to that address.

I just can’t seem to find where to change this as I’ve looked (from what I can tell) everywhere in the system. Am I missing something obvious?

Under /etc/aliases - root is set to send email to the new email address and not it @ domain .com also so I don’t believe it’s coming from there.

Any suggestions on where to look to change this address would be greatly appreciated at this point!

How about you tell us which email you are referring to is sending wrong.

And likely which email address is is purportedly coming from.

edit: never mind, same problem

The reason this is important: there are at least four different email addresses in the system, not counting all of the addresses in UCP.

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