Email Voicemail messages

FreePBX 12.0.76 Aterisk Asterisk 11.19.0

I am unable to get voicemails (.wav files) to forward via email. The most instruction I have at this point is to set the email address for each extension and to enable email attachement

I am not clear on how FreePBX or Asterisk knows how to send an email. What email address would the message come from?

I see this matter has been discussed before Email Voicemail messages. It appears there is no easy “out of the box” solution.

Many thanks for any help, tips,hints or clues you can share.


What distro/version of Linux?

The message would come from the address specified in Settings > Voicemail Settings > Settings under serveremail

Basically FreePBX sets the VM dialplan to include an event that sends the e-mail. This is how our entire company is configured…except we made the mistake of not auto-deleting the VMs from the server for group mailboxes that never get checked/deleted…this results in quota capping and no more VMs. Fun.

Thanks. I am not sure what Linux I have. It came with the 32 Bit 6.12.65 distro

serveremail was blank. I put an email address in their to see if it would help.

Doesn’t appear to be the fix

There’s a chance your inbound email servers are marking it as spam. How much visibility/control do you have over this? Can you whitelist the server?

I’m going to be unavailable until Friday in a couple hours, but I’ll try to help you while I still can.

What settings have you set to configure the email?

Well… I am getting closer to understanding the issue. It does have to do with Port 25. A virgin FreePBX 12.0.76 Asterisk 11.19.0 installation seems to have obtained from our network that the and is getting rejected on trying to connect to it. I believe the firewall is causing an issue.

I am reading much about how to configure files. I had to learn how to navigate files and read them in linux first.

I am grateful for any thoughts or links anyone can share on the subject.