Email to Fax Option


I was wondering if anyone has got a good Email to Fax solution working for FreePBX installation that could could provide some insight to how to set this up.

System is FreepBX V13 and Asterisk V13 with spandsp installed and working for Fax to Email.

Looked at the commercial module and it seems OK, but the user has to log into the UCP to send a fax.

I’m looking for a solution where we send an Email to the FreePBX server IP in the format [email protected] with a PDF attached. The solution then send the attached PDF as the Fax to the phonenumber portion of the Email address.

Any help much appreciated.

Kind regards, Nigel.

Pay for the fax pro module. It works great with T.38 and standard faxing over g.711.

Happy to pay for the commercial module, but I still need the ability to send Email to Fax and I don’t see that it can do that.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Kind regards, Nigel.

I don’t understand why you’d want to be able to send an email to a fax machine? To me it seems backwards but maybe you can shed some light on your specific application.

OK. So I have a customer with a number of agents that need to send Faxes all day long.

At present they have to print out the Fax, walk to the Fax machine and send the the Fax.

What we want them to do is “Print” a PDF then Email that PDF to the FAX sever, and it sends it as a Fax to the target phone number ([email protected]) as detailed above.

The reason for needing to send as Fax is because the recipients demand to have Fax and not an Email. I don’t know why - they just do.

Does that help?

Regards, Nigel.

Fax pro will allow you to fax a document directly to a telephone number that has first been printed/saved to a PDF or TIFF file.

Through a program such as Adobe pro you have have your agents save their handwritten signature in digital format if that is needed too.

The upload is done through FreePBX’s UCP.

Yes I see that, and am trying to get them to go for that option, but they are digging their heels in on the Email option.

I’m sure with a mix of Postfix and the spandsp this has to be possible.

I’ve seen that it can be done on the command line with spandsp, would just be good if this was a module because it would need to have white list for sender’s Email address and originating IP, otherwise anyone could just use the server if it became known.

Email to fax is patent encumbered and is why you having so much difficulty finding a supported way to do it.

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Well, I just pad for and installed the Pro Fax and it it failing saying it can’t open the file to send:

res_fax_spandsp.c: WARNING T.30 Cannot open source TIFF file ‘/var/spool/asterisk/tmp/fax-1486489808625.tif’

The file is created during the send process, but is only 1K in size.

I copied the file to my local PC and I can’t open it either, says file is corrupted.

Can anyone here help with that?

Regards, Nigel.

Tried with both a pdf file and using the header only option. Both failed with the can not open the file error.

There’s a wiki on how to setup the fax settings for FreePBx. I can’t remember exactly where it is but you’ll need to play with the fax configuration settings as they vary based on your sip provider.

Don’t think its an issue with the provider as we fax via an ATA through them all the time.

Looks like the Tiff file is just rubbish and can’t be opened.

I can’t open it on my PC either.


It was because ghostscript was not installed

All working now.

Glad to hear. Hope your customer’s agents don’t give you too much trouble during training.

Hi Lorne

There are quite a few companies setup to provide Email to Fax, so it can’t be that encumbered.

I’ve seen a few articles on using HylaFax amongst others, but I don’t have the time to spend trying to get it working.

If you know of anything paid or otherwise, I’d be interested to look at it.

Regards, Nigel.

You must have missed the part where this is an Open Source PBX and PBX Management system. Since we’re not a company, we can’t really pay the royalty (or buy the solution) that the patent holder demands. It’s a service and it comes at a cost.

As far as Email to Fax solutions go, Google is your friend, Most of them are relabels of the same service, so it should be pretty safe to just fire it up and do it.

How about “print to Fax” with WinPrint Hylafax for Windows 7 ? I rolled out the software on all Windows machines and added the login credentials to all user profiles. Now all users can print to WinPrint Hylafax and a dialog pops up to ask for the fax number. [OK] and done. The fax is also visible via Avantfax’s outgoing folder.

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I have payed with the Hylaxfax/IAXmodem combo. In the limited testing I’ve done, it worked well. I’f only I could get long distance fax machines to work with voip… but that’s another issue.

Hylafax and Fax Pro have same issues when it comes to long distance faxing, don’t expect much from SIP / T.38 when it comes to that…

saying that, it does work if you lower the speed to 9600, but of course you get hit but longer international phone bills.

I need some kind of help of using fax service. Can you please help me?