Email to Fax Option

(Aaron) #21

Ive got ICTFax working to fax out of freepbx but I havent gotten the mail part working yet.

(Emilio) #22

That’s nice update. The service are you using is for free?

(Emilio) #23

Guys, I would like to add something about using free fax service which I found a few hours ago cocofax. By using this cocofax anyone can fax online in this site for free. Don’t need to pay anything for using this cocofax service. Therefore, I am a little bit interested in it.

(Lorne Gaetz) #24

Service has a 1 month free trial, it is not free. That aside, it appears to be the same as all the other fax services, with the possible exception that they claim HIPAA and PCI compliance.

(Darcy Fisher) #25

How to use a fax service? I even not much sure. Because this is first time for me I am going to use fax.