Email notification when specific CID (or CIDs) dial in

our HR group is having some issues with specific people calling in for some stuff. they’re asking for them to get an email notification any time a specific number (or numbers) call in.

we have a specific VM only extension that is part of our IVR that is used for calling in to work so if it could be applied to just calls that go to that extension from the number or numbers they give me that would be fine. also not a problem if it’s any call into the system from the selected list of numbers.

I’ve looked at a few things online that seem to do something like this but they’re mostly for missed calls or for outbound stuff (like if someone dials 911). it needs to be something that doesn’t alert the caller that anything different is happening.

Has a number of recipes, watch the ‘tail’ of
and use sed/awk/mail to instantly do something even before the phone rings, IWFM

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