Edge Mode Cannot be Turned Off

My system happened to be on edge mode (I must have forgot it on) and I was having troubles withing incoming calls. I tried turning edge mode off in the GUI but the server hung after applying settings.

I then did a fwconsole restart from CLI and it fixed the incoming calling issues but now I’m still stuck on edge mode.

Sometime over the last few days the naming for “Edge Mode” was changed to “Enable Module Tracks”.

I believe this is the source of my issues. Everytime I try and turn “Enable Module Tracks” to “No” and click apply, the UI hangs until I do a restart.

I think someone buggered up the code under the hood.

It’s still called “Edge Mode” and the advanced setting is “Set Module Admin to Edge mode”. Nothing has been changed to “Enable Module Tracks”.

I am able to switch it on and off through both Advanced Settings and the CLI

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