Echo Cancellation How

I have a freepbx system with sangoma E1 card without Echo Cancellation. How can I enable software Echo Cancellation in freepbx

you may try from gui for card setting.

there are no settings . can you specify which settings

maybe check with this:
image. if there are some software options, you may select one you need.

From my experience, the build-in software AEC does not always work well. For example when the echo tail exceeds some minimum threshold or there is some volatility in the echo path, the build-in software AEC breaks. If you find out that this is the case in your system, then there are two options:

  1. Upgrade to a card with AEC.
  2. Use an external software AEC, like PBXMate, that will do the echo cancellation on behalf of your devices.

I’ve always been quite impressed with OSLEC software echo cncellation. But I did find on a recent FreePBX build that it was not getting enabled by default and so I added under:

‘Connectivity \ DAHDI Config \ System Settings’ a new variable (Other Dahdi System Settings:)

‘echocanceller’ = ‘oslec,1-31’

These settings were for a Sangoma ISDN PRI card with no hardware cancellation.

thanks let me check this

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