Dynamic agents are not being added to queues

FreePBX Distro version 12.0.57 on Asterisk 11.16.0. Fully patched all modules up this point.

I just put into production a new server today and found the oddest behavior with dynamic agents.

If I add a dynamic agent to a queue and then view members on that queue I’ll get No Members. Static agents display and function as expected. The functionality used to work but somewhere along the applying patches path it broke and I have no idea where or where to look. There were dynamic members in the one queue at one point and I could not remove them either. It is like the whole dynamic agents functionality broke.

Any suggestions? I’d very much not like to have to rebuild this thing.


Are you logging the dynamic agents into the queue with the feature code?

No, and that was kind of my issue. I guess I was a bit confused regarding the Queue Agents and Queue phone apps. The agents do not show up in Queue Agents App until they log in with the Queue App. I guess I was thinking that the agents show in the Queue Agents App and from there you as a supervisor, admin, etc… can log an agent in. Static agents show because they are always logged in.

Works as expected when you use it as expected…