DTLS enable=Yes with CSV file?

Hi to all,
I am new in freepbx. I am using freepbx 12.0.30 and i want to add some extensions via CSV file. But i want to add DTLS_Enable=Yes with CVS file. I can add DTLS enable=Yes with GUI but i could not add DTLS_Enable=Yes with CSV file. May i need to change some config files in freepbx?

You will not be able to do this in FreePBX at this time.

what is the reason friend?

i have alredy added 3 options via CSV file. AVPF, Force_AVP and icesupport were added via CSV file. i want to do same for DTLS option. Anyone can help me about this issue?

Because DTLS is from another module and that module have no support for importing and exporting. Thus you won’t be able to do it

Can this change be made through the database globally or manually changed in extensions.conf and then setup in a way to persist through configuration updates? I will soon be importing approximately 600 extensions into our FreePBX system and manually changing each one to DTLS_Enable=Yes would add additional overhead.

Or is there a possible option to set this as enabled by default when creating new PjSIP extensions?

It looks like from testing I can insert a new row into the asterisk.certman_mapping table and then make any other change in the interface (outside of the extensions I modified) to force a config reload. Then after the config reload I see that dtls is enabled for the extension in FreePBX GUI and proper values are written in the pjsip.endpoint.conf file for that extension.

SQL I used below (minimal testing has been performed on my end use with caution) you will need to get your certificate id number (cid) as well as your settings for fingerprint/actpass which can be grabbed by dumping the table contents and checking those settings against a extension you setup in the GUI.

insert into asterisk.certman_mapping (id, cid, verify, setup, rekey) VALUES (‘7630’, ‘2’, ‘fingerprint’, ‘actpass’, ‘0’);

Now that you know how to do it, I’d suggest submitting a feature request that could be used to make a change like this systemic.

I don’t know how you’d do it to make it a “new” default, but I’m pretty sure it would be something that would have to be curried over the entire extension set.

Since it’s your idea, look around and see if you can find a place where adding it would make sense.