Dropped outbound calls

Hello. I am in the process of configuring a FreePBX Phone System 60 running Distro in our office. We have 6 incoming POTS lines connected to 8-port FXO analog card

If I call an outbound number the call is dropped after 25 seconds consistently.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what might cause this sort of behavior?

Sounds like a NAT issue with your SIP phones. Are they local or remote to the PBX. Please attach asterisk logs of a call dropping and we can assist more.

Logs are critical. This is probably going to end up being a router problem (losing the NAT session or timing out one of the connections) or a straight NAT problem (one of the devices isn’t correctly set up for NAT and isn’t getting data on the keep-alives).

If you look back through the Forums, you should find a conversation from last week about sessions dying after 30 seconds. If experience is any guide, it’s likely the same cause.

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