DPMA and FreePBX 16

Is DPMA completely gone in FreePBX 16? I ran the system requirements checker and saw I need to uninstall DPMA and the Digium Addons Installer, but in Googling, I am having a hard time finding documentation about it.

I guess I’m a bit old school or something, I haven’t caught on to Endpoint Manager yet.

Yes, the Digium phone config module is gone. You have to use EPM.

Please refer to the EPM-Digium Phones - PBX GUI - Documentation wiki section and subpages to know more about EPM functionality to configure D/P series of phones via DPMA.

Hi Kapil,

That is where some confusion comes in. That wiki is dated 2019 and still refers to DPMA. So in FreePBX 16, where DPMA is gone, does EPM still use DPMA to configure the phones? I know there are two versions of DPMA and assumed that they were both gone in 16.

Hi @MKEbrew DPMA with Endpoint Manager is way forward, will take a look into the wiki again to update the same.

Awesome, thank you. For clarification, DPMA functionality still exists - it is the gui portion that is removed in FreePBX 16? In other words; res_digium_phone_additional.conf will still be processed?

DPMA is an Asterisk module, and is supported in FreePBX 16. It is support for the FreePBX “Digium Phones” module that was removed in 16. If you want to use current D and P phones in FreePBX 16, you provision them with Endpoint Manager with DPMA enabled.

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