Download modules?


I’m trying to download Follow Me specifically for a server that dose not have access to the internet.

I can’t seem to find the file anywhere.

Select your platform and drill down

That is extremely old.

Had no idea, appreciate the info … however you never provided a solution @tm1000

Looking for a release 13.xxxx the highest this link goes is 2.9 is there another resource?

Thank you!

Anyone know?

Isn’t there a FreePBX GitHub repository for all of the “public” stuff? I don’t know for sure, but that’s where I’d start it I was looking.

Couldn’t find the tar file there, just a bunch of odd files.

Tarballs are created on the fly by the mirror servers and signed. Only way to get them is through module admin. All the source of what’s inside the tarball are on GIT but not the tarball or signature file as signature file is unique to the tarball at creation time.

You asked about specific modules and now you’re looking for tar files?

At my day job, we operate a sequestered network, and our approach is to build the image of what we’re trying to do on the “connected” network and ghost the image over to the sequestered network server - that is the Microsoft Way. I suggest you build a server, install the distro, and find the files you need on that. This way, you can simplify the search or update and overwrite from the connected server.

The command fwconsole moduleadmin download findmefollow will download the latest version of the module into /var/www/html/admin/modules/_cache/