Don't allow two extensions to call each other

Hello :slight_smile:

I have two customer on the same Freepbx

One with 20xx extensions (like 2000,2019,2030,…)
And the second with 10xx extensions (like 1001,1052,1089,…)

Is-it possible to block the internals calls between the customers ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Custom dialplan is required:

FreePBX is not a multi-tenant system. You will encounter dozens of features that don’t work correctly. Examples: Tenant A parks a call and it’s picked up by tenant B. Tenant B accesses a voicemail box belonging to tenant A. You can patch these with custom dialplan as they come up, but it will eventually grow into a nightmare.

Either use separate virtual machines for each tenant, or choose a competing platform that supports multi-tenant properly.


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