Does Follow me CID prefix work to external #

Adding a prefix to internal calls is working but not when using external number in follow me list.

When calls are sent to a cell phone the user wants to know that it came from “work”. Any way to make this work? I assume cell service or cell phone discards my prefix. I do see it set in call logs

You have no control on the CallerID that is presented to the destination user. The destination user’s provider does. They can honor the CallerID that is presented to them, doing little or no manipulation to it. They could also not honor what is presented to them and do their own lookup against the number to determine what name should be presented.

Either way, it is out of yours or anyone else’s hands. The call is in the destination carrier/provider’s network and they do what they wish before sending to the actual end user of the call.

You can enable “Confirm Calls” for the FMFM and your users will receive a recording asking them to accept the inbound call. The main purpose of this is so that the mobile VM does not intercept the call, but would also alert the answering user that this is a pbx call.

Thanks for the info, I figured this was the case but it is odd that I can pass random CID using change external caller ID to FIXED, so this is the method I am using to send to cell phone, when I see my CID (vs callers ID) I know it is from the office.

I had not used this before and I do like it but user didn’t so using fixed cid to set ID to users DID.
thanks for the tip.

Don’t confuse the CallerID Number with the CallerID Name. You are not prefixing the number, you are prefixing the name. So if these are going to your cell then your cell provider is either going to allow the name that is being presented. Either as is or they could strip things, not sure. Otherwise they will take the CallerID Number and do a CNAM Dip/Lookup and see what the registered Caller Name is that is associated with that number and present that as the CallerID Name to you.

You really have no control over what the other carrier is going to present as the CallerID Name or even if they present it because CNAM Display can be considered a “premium” feature to certain providers.

The CallerID Prefixes in FreePBX are more for “internal” calls so you can see where a call is being sent from like a queue, ring group, etc to help you answer/track incoming calls better.

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