Do uploaded recordings have to be 8 bit mono?

When uploading an audio file in system recordings, apart from the file having to be in one of the supported upload formats (WAV, aiff, alaw, etc…), does it also have to be in e.g. 8-bit mono, or formatted in an additional specific way or does it not matter as it will be converted to the correct format anyway?

No, file is (or should be) regenerated to the correct format.

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From the Systems Recording screen, when you upload a sound file, you have to option to transcode the file to all (I think) supported audio formats on your system. The selectors are at the bottom of the screen and warn you that “this could take a long time”. It hardly ever does, but I suppose it could.

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Is there a recommendation in which format to record audio files in for them to sound best?
Does Asterisk still convert them to 8bit, 8khz mono, or is that a thing of the past?

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