Dnd being activated without intervension

The topic doesn’t giv a lot, but here’s the issue.
I’ve made zero changes to the system after restoring a backup when this first occurred so I have no idea what’s causing this.
The system will work and cooperate for a few days, incoming and outgoing calls wil work like a charm.
Then without warning or no reason that I can tell, all incoming calls will immediately route to voicemail no matter who you call, it’s all incoming calls. This tells me something’s put the system on DND, all extensions, no matter who they are.
Ok, deactivate with *76, that’s the toggle. THis doesn’t work, it keeps saying do not disturb activated.
This is making the client who’s server I maintain extremely irritated and he wants answers and he wants them yesterday. I can’t give answers I don’t have so I’m approaching you all for guidance to figure out what’s causing this and to put a stop to it.
All modules in module admin are up to date.
Asterisk 12.5 running on a linode with freepbx.

Many phones have an internal DND code/button that you need to disable.

This is not the case, as it happens on all extensions, no matter the phone connected. This is clearly happening server side.

Strange conclusion to draw from the info provided.

Evidence against your conclusion.

Commercial support is available.

What is being recorded in the Asterisk full log during a failed call. This is step one.

Server side is determined by the DND entries in astdb , anything that FreePBX does would be apparent in

cat /var/log/asterisk/full|grep -i dnd


rasterisk -x ‘database show’ |grep -i dnd

output below
[[email protected] ~]# cat /var/log/asterisk/full|grep -i dnd
[[email protected] ~]# rasterisk -x ‘database show’ |grep -i dnd
/CustomDevstate/DEVDND110 : NOT_INUSE
/CustomDevstate/DEVDND316 : NOT_INUSE
/CustomDevstate/DEVDND700 : NOT_INUSE
/CustomDevstate/DND110 : NOT_INUSE
/CustomDevstate/DND316 : NOT_INUSE
/CustomDevstate/DND700 : NOT_INUSE
[[email protected] ~]#
That tells me DND’s not active across any extension, if I dial *76 asterisk verbally responds, do not disturb, activated.
reissuing the command above still shows
[[email protected] ~]# rasterisk -x ‘database show’ |grep -i dnd
/CustomDevstate/DEVDND110 : NOT_INUSE
/CustomDevstate/DEVDND316 : NOT_INUSE
/CustomDevstate/DEVDND700 : NOT_INUSE
/CustomDevstate/DND110 : NOT_INUSE
/CustomDevstate/DND316 : NOT_INUSE
/CustomDevstate/DND700 : NOT_INUSE
[[email protected] ~]#
The output when I’m sitting in the asterisk console is a little to chattery to get a read on what’s broken. Calls are going straight to voicemail and not ringing the phones their associated with. This even effects ringgroups as well.
As I think I stated above it started march 31,2016. Nothing that day has changed.
I didn’t mean to come across as a pain it’s just when I’m being yelled at I without meaning to come across as a bit cranky.and I apologize for that to everyone.

Get over the chattery thing , by almost definition, the “full” log will be exactly that, and that is where the clues are and that’s what grep does, it “de-chattifies”)

I am pretty sure your phones are localizing *76 and hiding it from your asterisk box, what does

rasterisk -x ‘database show DND’


I was talking the console itself, I was trying to watch in realtime for errors. I wasn’t clear. I’ll chase down the full log and parce it locally. more info as I find it.

I doubt anything would show as an error, just VERBOSE loglines if triggered by the Asterisk dialplan or non-existent if hardware interpreted.

I need to see if I can get it e-mailing me daily copies of the full log and rotating it out and stuff. Things to consider. The client had me roll it back to four days prior to the issue persisting. Isn’t a solution, but I’m not paid to ask questions. Just find solutions to whatever the issue is.
The calls are completing and doing what they should be if all extensions in ringgroups are busy, or if the extension you dial is set to DND, so it’s an interesting issue.
I’ll find freepbx’s commercial support site and see what it’ll cost to have someone more qualified then I to have a peak at it.

To email the logs, it is built into logrotate, just add

mail [email protected]

to the relevant logrotate.conf file (presumably /etc/logrotate.d/asterisk)

Be aware that many mail systems might well reject a daily file size that big though, you might want to rotate when the log approaches your MTA’s size limit instead.

You should really try

man logrotate

to get a handle on what is possible, google also will be helpful.

But yes in your case perhaps go for commercial support, they also know how to do all that already.

I’ve just read through the entire exchange, and I’m convinced that this search for a “system wide DND” is going to just waster more of your time.

There’s nothing like a “system wide DND” that I’ve ever been aware of. It would also be really surprising to me if all the phones in the network (which is where we’re talking about) suddenly all magically had DND set.

A more obvious likelihood is that the network that the phones are on is suddenly going dark and the phone are deregistering. Some systems take a long time to reregister, and it’s possible that your phones aren’t even trying.
We were talking last week about a guy whose phones took over an hour to reregister.

If you find that the phones are all down again, log into Asterisk using “asterisk -vr” and type the command “sip show peers” and see what the statuses of the phones are. I’m will to bet that some, if not all, are not registered. If that turns out to be the case, look around for a bad network switch or a bad network card for the phone network. You might also need to look at the POE (if you are using it) to see if the phones are actually powered up.

The “…/full” log is still critical. It will certainly tell you what is happening, and may actually give you the why.

This issue ended up being a kernel level issue. It’s been fixed by reinstall ng everything. Thanks for everyone’s help, this also resolved a bunch of issues where logging wasn’t happening.
It also gave me the excuse to give cent OS the heav ho. :slight_smile: