DND override

Hi, Do we have option DND override in freepbx? I want if DND is enabled on a extension then also some of the extensions should be able to call that user?

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DND can happen at the phone or the PBX, so the answer is a resounding “maybe”, depending on the phone.

If you have phones where all DND happens at the server, you can override DND through several mechanisms, including manipulating the database and issuing commands that turn DND on and off at the server.

Hi, can you please put any easy example how can I override on the server? Suppose my boss has turned on DND and I want to convey him an urgent message. How can I call him and his phone ring while DND is enabled?

Also is there a way system generate an email and send it to user when DND is turned on and off?

We had a long, and in-depth conversation about this a few months ago. Most of your current (and many of your future) questions are handled in this exchange.

With the implementation of UCP, you should be able to use the UCP interface to his phone to turn the DND off and on.

Custom Dialplan. There is no supported way to do this with the GUI. If it was me, I would create dialplan to ORIGINATE a call to the DND extension which then bridges to your own on answer. And this will only work when using FreePBX DND, not the DND feature on the phone.

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