Distinctive Rings for Yealink T29G

Is there a way in the ring group to do this for Yealink phones? All I see is sangoma for the alert info. I really don’t want to see 30 phones manually.

IIRC, the box for the distinctive ring is filled in for Sangoma, but can be typed into by hand.

how do you know the path for the yealink phones though?

I think I figured it out, but appears these need to be set in the phone first. How do I use my TFTP server to auto provision these settings to the phone?

That’s detailed in the yealink auto provision guide.
You can also use FreePBX endpoint manager.

I looked and it really doesn’t explain how to set it up.

You can go through the pain of creating macaddress.cfg files for each phone manually, and then drop them in your tftp directory and set the provisioning server address on your Yealink phone.

Alternatively, you use either commercial endpoint manager or free OSS endpoint manager for that.