Yealink tftp provisioning

I’m fidling a bit with provisioning in my Yealink phones. I have already setup DHCP option 66 and I’m now looking for an example of a provisioning file to place on my server.

  • Is this done using XML or some other kind of file?
  • Where can I find the settings to put in that file?
  • Is this even possible without the “Endpoint Manager”?
  • Can this be done for all phones using just one file?

Just some questions I have :slight_smile:

Take a look at this Yealink page, specifically the
and the
Yealink_SIP-T2 Series_T19§ E2_T4 Series_IP_Phones_Auto_Provisioning_Guide_V80_60.pdf


90% of the options available to you won’t need. But you can create the y00000000XX.cfg file which all of the phones of the same model will pull from. This would be where you put all of the configuration that you want to match on all of the phones. Then you will need a AB000000AB.cfg file with the MAC address of the phone for each phone that will include the configuration parameters specific to that phone. This would be the extension and password and any buttons you want to be specific.

Nice! Where should I place the y00000000XX.cfg file? In the web root of FreePBX? And is there a way of checking if the phone gets the DHCP option 6 value?

For TFTP provisioning you would place the files in /tftpboot/

I don’t know if option 66 will change the setting in the web interface “setting->auto provision->server URL” or not. Otherwise you could download the local log from the phone.

You will need to make sure that the tftp server is running and the firewall on the machine isn’t blocking the ports.

Hummm, I guess tftp is not installed in the default setup, is it? When I enter “tftp” or “tftpd” from the command line, all I get is “command not found”. Is this something I need to setup or is this something I have to startup?

TFTP is on by default in every install I have ever done.

How can I check if TFTP is running?

[edit]Check the /etc/dnsmasq.conf and found a setting “enable-tftp” so I guess TFTP is running. Now to find out why the phone is not getting its settings.

I placed two files in de /tftpboot directory: y00000000xx.cfg and mac.cfg but both do nothing.[/edit]

There should be some artifacts of the file download in your /var/log/messages log file. You can also set up a tcpdump looking for access to the UDP tftp port.

The program runs from inetd, so it’s only going to be there while it’s running.

This week I was able to upgrade asterisk from v11 to v13 so I thought maybe TFTP would also work so I installed TFTP again, and you know what, it seems to work!

Jul 09 13:01:09 raspbx tftpd[546]: tftpd: trying to get file: y000000000000.cfg
Jul 09 13:01:09 raspbx tftpd[546]: tftpd: serving file from /srv/tftp
Jul 09 13:01:09 raspbx in.tftpd[547]: connect from (

My phone grabs the file from the FreePBX server. Currently the files holds the following information: = http://[FQDN]/phonebook.php = Gids

I don’t seem to remember where I have found this data and I guess it’s different for each brand? Does someone know where this information can be found so I can test if settings are taken from the file?