Disposition in CDR

On CDR, call routed from a queue and was not pick-up from anyone was tag ANSWERED even if the customer hungup and did not wait for voicemail. Some tag as BUSY. Now, is there any way to differentiate it?

If you can show us some examples, it might help.

I’m not sure what the difference between BUSY and ANSWERED is in this specific case, but it seems to me that if all of the agents are busy, the call will be marked as “BUSY” and wait for disposition. If the call is “ANSWERED” someone (perhaps on their cell phone) answered the call. If you are using “whatever that thing where you press 1 is called” to validate the calls, the call should be marked as answered.

There should also be something from the extension that handled the call about what the final disposition of the call was.


I listen to each call and everything are the same. THe call reach to the queue and waited for agents for few seconds then the customer drop the call… Attached my cdr.

Many of these calls are several minutes long. They are waiting more than a few seconds before they drop off. Have you looked at any of these in the log files to see why these specific dispositions were applied?

I use static agents and 5minutes before VM.

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