Displaying version info on forum items

Is it possible to require some form of version on posts? Reviewing the list of posts is not proving very useful when the constant question is “What version is this associated with?”
At a minimum, it would be nice to see the the top level version (13,14,15,…) displayed on the lists of subjects.
Might be nice to be able to filter lists on those versions as well. Not sure how much configuration flexibility is available in the forum package.

The forum isn’t an issue tracker, so you can’t require things. People can add tags if they want, and a post can go into a category (and I’m generally the one who puts the category on things or moves it around).


I see. But you could encourage it if you add a field, especially a spinner to allow consistency. Is that a possibility? Otherwise, the forum is much less useful.

Framework version is not overly useful by itself. When debugging FreePBX issues, you would generally want to know the specific module version, and there are dozens of modules. Then there is Asterisk version, phone firmware version(s), Distro/OS version and the various rpm versions for the services running on the system.

In any case, we know from experience with the Jira issue tracker that users will not populate the fields anyway. There is no practical way to address this request.

How about a issue posting module which submits to one of the forums items/requests along with some amount of configuration data.

Just searching for improvement here. For example, for me the forum summary emails we get are not helpful due to difficulty in understanding the context. I imagine providing assistance is difficult for this same reason.

I know not everyone will make perfect entries, for instance me, but I suggest some attempt.

Happy New Year.

You should make the distro and asterisk versions required then.
But the “affects version” thing is never useful. What am I supposed to put in there?

Which makes it just clutter and not something useful.

Support requests never get the right information and you think forum posts might? I mean just look here:

From the experience of Asterisk making things required doesn’t help either. People will still not put in the correct information. It’s just the way it goes, and part of the Asterisk triage flow for members of our team.

Are you talking specifically about the daily e-mail digest?

If you need to find something on the forums, the search function works very well.

The forum is plenty useful for the kinds of discussions that happen here. If you need focused technical support, you should contact Sangoma about it.

Major FreePBX version goes here, 13, 14, 15 only.

But look at the drop down that it pulls up.
edit: thanks for the clarification though.

The drop down is populated with values that users have input in the past. You use 13, 14 or 15 only.

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