All circuits are busy now

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While everything was working fine for the previous months, suddendly we are unable to send or receive external calls
while trying to dial external line, we receive the following message:
All circuit are busy now.
can’t figure out what’s happening.

Please help

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can’t help without logs.

General answer #1: Reboot.

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Search the full log for the term “circuit”. This is probably in the folder /var/log/asterisk

grep ‘circuit’ full

From there look for “VERBOSE[xxxxx]” where xxxxx is the system ID for the particular call.

Then grep for that id

grep ‘xxxxx’ full

That should give you all the log entries for that call. From there you can look to see what is failing.

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thank you for your quick reply,

i’ve found the following message:
trunk dial failed due to chanunavail hangupcause 3

Also, in asterisk log, i noticed the following message:

WARNING[22174] res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_ip.c: Identify ‘Keyo’ points to endpoint ‘Keyo’ but endpoint could not be found

knowing that Keyo is the name of the Trunk used to dial out

Any hint?


make sure the settings for your network and external IP addresses match what your actual settings are.

settings > asterisk sip settings > chan sip settings (or Chan PJSip)

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I solved the issue by restoring a backup copy.
Thank you for your assistance

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