Disappears "Misc Destinations" in RU lenguage

I’m using FreePBX16.
If you enable the web interface language RU, the “Different destinations” setting is not displayed in some menus.
If you switch the language to EN, the settings are there

It appears that fixes were applied a couple of days ago, possibly as a result of this report. You should check that the following changes address your issue. If so, either wait for them to come through in a package update, or manually download and install the files (I assume you need both .mo and .po, or possibly just .mo). In the latter case, you will get tampering alerts, because the checksum will be wrong.

If they are incomplete, or wrong, raise an issue on github, preferably suggesting correct translations, or submit your own corrected versions (you may need to sign the contributor agreement).

I suspect there may also be needs for ru_UA and uk_UA files.

I have uploaded new .mo and .po files. and replaced them with PBX
Then I ran it in the console:
fwconsole chown
fwconsole r
I did not receive a tamper warning
and that didn’t solve the problem.
Maybe I did something wrong?

Yesterday I raised the issue on github and suggested the correct translation:

By the way, there is exactly the same problem in FreePBX15