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Hi freePBX community:

I would ask for help in other to make my DID call goes to an extension. We have 10 DID and 10 extension(4xxx). How can I direct call those DID and then go to the specific Extension(4XXX). I saw some solution with context but I’m pretty new to understands this modification to a file.

Any help I will appreciate.

Under Connectivity => Inbound routes you create a inbound route for each DID and then point them to the extension that they need to go to.

Hi dobrosavljevic:

Thank you for your response, I have already set all the DID in the inbound routes but all the calls goes to the same extension (2000) , There is a any any rule but if I remove it I get no call from outside. What should I do next?

The list is getting evaluated top down so since any any is hit first that call simply gets forwarded to extension 2000.

If it’s not going through it’s because the DID is not matching what your phone provider is passing to you on inbound calls. You’ll need to look at the asterisk logs and see what the DID is that the inbound calls is trying to reach and then match that in the DID field for each inbound route.

I was able to check how the Trunk provider pass the DID, The issue was the 1 before my 10 digit Number, I just added the 1 before in the inbound route and is working now!! look at this example:

305 305 4444 (Not Work)
1305 305 4444 (work PERFECT)

Thank u for your help!!

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