Direct Audio/Video between phones on LAN when using Hosted FreePBX

I have been using hosted FreePBX and now have the new Yealink T58V phones installed. I was able to get video working with PJSIP with the help of comments on this bug report…

Now I am hoping I can get the calls using H264 to go direct between handsets on the local LAN instead of to the cloud and back. I know it was possible with Freeswitch to do this, not sure about Asterisk and FreePBX.

Try this:

Is there a place in the GUI to enable directmedia? This sounds like what I want, don’t know that the RTP switch discussed in that thread would add anything.

You’d enable it a few places, but I don’t recall exactly what they are. I think you have to set a few things on the trunk and extension levels. Hoping someone else can assist on this!