Directmedia or directrtpsetup? Any recommendations?

I am experimenting with media release on Asterisk and have gotten both settings to work. Can anyone recommend one over the other? I know directrtpsetup=yes is considered experimental (for years now) but it seems to work ok. Directmedia=yes also works so I need some help choosing one over the other. I have confirmed with “rtp set debug on” that media release is working.

It depends on what you are trying to do, if offloading traffic from your network then you need directmedia, but asterisk looses knowledge of inband signaling , if for other reasons like video perhaps then directrtpsetup, ref:-

You misunderstood. With both settings audio is redirected. Thus both will offload traffic from my network and potentially enhance call quality between 2 clients in the same region when the servers are located in another region. The question is which method is preferred. To me directrtpsetup is more elegant as everything is done in the invite but it’s supposedly experimental.

Anybody know why directmedia=yes would work and directrtpsetup=yes does not work?

Could IAX extensions also benefit from directmedia=yes. If so, how is it configured? I have tried and it doesn’t seem to work, RTP still goes thru the server.

There is no RTP in IAX2 so the answer is no.