Digium Settings not appearing under extensions

Not sure how this even happened - I have one server which does not have any options for digum phones under each extension and no way to change the line label, I do have the digium phones module installed and there are no errors in the phones settings. I’m not sure what other info you might need from me on this, but changing the line label in the digium phones module does not seem to work, after changing the label and hitting the reconfigure key the phone keeps the same name - even tried to factory reset the phone and reprovision - still keeps the same old name. Please let me know what other info I need to provide.

Asterisk 11.18.0

Found I could modify the line names in the database under the digium_phones_extension_settings table, however I’m not sure where the options went off to in the web interface?

Brand new install - no digium phone options under extensions. I have another server which has the digium phone options within the extensions but it looks like every new install does not include these options.