Digium says EPM Pro causes phone browser issue

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I have attempted to address your concerns below. That said I understand that our thoughts and opinions do not align. Sometimes you have to simply shake hands and walk away on a topic.

This topic has diverged greatly and no longer serves a productive purpose. When things are no longer productive it is best to put them to bed. If you would like to address any of my statements below or get clarification you may private message me. Note I will not hold an unproductive conversation in private either. I am here to help but I don’t want anyone including you or me to become a flogging pole.

Please note the original issue is considered resolved based on the recommendations of

  • Factory reset
  • Use a single point of provisioning

By following these steps you should find things function normally.

Thanks for using FreePBX

I am not intending, nor do I believe I am misleading people, Tony. I’m sorry you feel that way.

The issue is things when presented as fact are taken as fact. There seems to be some misinterpretation here. There have been posts above trying to claify but that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere

My ticket was open with Digium about the web browser issue. They clearly told me it’s not their problem and I had to go to Schmooze to get help with the behavior of their phone because EPM is in use. Their comments were about that. I don’t know why it’s broken. I know it is. I added the firmware update issue as an additional data point.

This is one of those things. The response from digium here seems to paint a different picture. Email based support is a highwire act. You have to balance being concise with providing adequate details to the end user. Even after 10 years sometimes things get lost in translation. The users frustration level is like wind and and sometimes you get blown over and make a pancake.

And at the same time, Digium is now telling me the GUI on their test phones work fine with the config file I sent, so the error I’m reporting is not expected behavior when using EPM.

They started at ZERO. As stated above try a factory reset of the phone.

As a consultant who’s been implementing FreePBX for several years now, I find this situation really frustrating.
As do we

When things don’t work there has to be an option to get support.

Well there is http://community.freepbx.org or we offer paid support options.

If it’s an error or lack of understanding on our part, I understand paying. But when it’s not, there has to be someone standing behind the product

This is why we have a strong community standing behind the product. this may come across crass but you are making a living with software you do not pay for and since you say “for years” I assume successfully. For Lack of understanding we do offer paid training that allows you to learn all you need to know.

especially the commercial modules.

We stand behind commercial modules and provide Free support here as well as offer paid options. If there is a bug we do our best to handle it. As stated in prior posts there doesn’t seem to be a bug.

Several times now issues we’ve reported and had blamed on our infrastructure have just disappeared with updates. Including the REST API errors we had with this setup a couple months back.

Specific examples would be fantastic but this is all a bit off topic. Note if you are using any BETA component commercial or free that bugs are present. Beta is another word for buggy.

I really don’t know how to behave when these things come up

As a gentleman is a good rule.

as I’ve been criticized here for both suggesting there are bugs

Based on this thread it may be because there was no bug yet like this thread rather than taking help things carried on to a point of “this is not productive”

and also for not filing bug reports
If something is ultimately determined to be a bug you should file a bug report. In government work they say if it is not documented it didn’t happen. Same here, no bug ticket = no bug.

and also accused of hiding facts and misleading statements.

“The last rule was to make enumerations so complete, and reviews so comprehensive, that I should be certain of omitting nothing.”
― René Descartes, Discourse on Method

Again, I’m sorry you and others feel this way, as it is NOT my intent, nor do I believe it’s the best way to solve problems.


Bottom line is that I just want the software and hardware to work for us and for our clients

Take direction when given… Factory reset

and to be able to get effective support as needed.

For support to be effective you must provide data as requested and accept advice as given.

Being told to accept defective behavior as normal when Digium is telling me that the same config file on their test phones results in a functioning GUI is frustrating.

This was covered above FACTORY RESET

Far more than Schmooze, we need this relationship to work because when problems come up we don’t have anywhere else to turn, especially with commercial modules.

Again we offer paid support in addition to community support. Where community support is handled by voluteers (verry bright ones) they do it as a passion secondary to their day job. While generally effective you may wish to consider sometimes you have to spend money to make money.