Digium phones 'msgs' and top red LED

Is it possible for a digium phone to subscribe its voicemail specific red LED to another extension’s voicemail or the voicemail of a virtual extension?

I’ve been doing some reading of the various says of sharing a voicemail inbox but what I’m after (may not be possible) is for a receptionist to be able to share the boss’s voicemail natively on her phone so that they’re both working from the same mailbox and preserves visual voicemail.

No worries if not possible.

It’s similar to this question which I saw @BlazeStudios answered - mine is a slightly different question, I keep thinking of how I can simplest explain it:

Maybe this:

Two (hard) phones which I want to be totally normal phones - except the MWI indicator and the visual voicemail on the second phone should link to the voicemail mailbox on the first. Doable?!


EDIT: Is it just as simple as changing ‘mailbox @ device?’ in the extension settings??
EDIT2: The only thing that gives me pause is I use DPMA not EPM…and here there’s talk of editing a basefile in EPM which obviously I can’t do…

This didn’t do the trick. Just results in an error. I’m presuming it’s a permission thing.

I’ve done something like this on the s500 (several phones using a shared vm), but needed EPM and basefile config to do it.

ah thank you. Yeah I’m not up for trying EPM again - it just did not work in any way last time I gave it a go and I spent days and days trying and failing to get things working that (mostly) ‘just work’ with DPMA. Thank you.
So I guess no way to have visual voicemail for a ‘shared mailbox’ (even a virtual one?) with DPMA…?

Haven’t used DPM, but unless you can edit the function of a button, I would guess no.

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