Two Group Voicemails on One Extension

FreePBX/Asterisk 14
Sangoma S500

I have two shared voicemail boxes (virtual extensions with VM enabled): 1000 and 1001

I would like to set up my extension (2001; Chan_SIP) to have the VM indicator lamp lit up if either box has a voicemail in it.

Does anyone have any ideas on how do I do that?


FYI, I saw this link, but the resolution is not clear.

You had a BLF line to the phone for *981000 and *981001

I do have BLFs for each VM box, but they are on the second page of the S500. I am hoping to use the VM indicator light on the top right of the phone to indicate that they should check their BLF. Any ideas?

Oh you can tell the device config on the PBX to subscribe to multiple mailboxes, that’s not an issue. The phone’s MWI light will not tell you which VM has a new message, just that it was told there was a new message.

Why aren’t these on the main display of the phone if they are that important?

Great! How do I do this? :slight_smile:

The VMs are important, but the first page is filled with “live caller” functions, which the business has deemed more important. Although the light will not tell them which vm box, it will ensure that they are checking the vm in a timely manner.

Thanks again for helping me with this one. I really appreciate it.

Under the advanced settings for the extension where is says Mailbox you’ll see [email protected] so you’ll just make it:

[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]

Now if 2001 (your extension) or whoever else you setup like that also have active VM you’re in the same spot. Your MWI light will tell you that the phone was told there is a new voicemail but you don’t know which one. Could be yours or one of the other two.

So keep in mind now as the user you’ll see your MWI light blink. Then you’re going to have to scroll to the “next page” on the phone to check the BLF for your two mailboxes to see which one is red/busy (meaning messages in the INBOX) and if those aren’t lit then they go “Oh it must be mine”.

The BLF buttons are the best option because they tell you which VM has a message instead of you fumbling around trying to figure out with of the three (or more) mailboxes actually have a voicemail.


Thanks for this and the good advice is noted.

For this group there is no individual VM, only the two shared VMs, with the workflow being almost all of the calls should be live answer (ideally).

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