Digium Phones, DPMA and Phonebook

When using Digium Phones and DPMA, contacts edited in Connectivity/Digium Phones/Phonebooks are stored in /var/www/html/digium_phones in an XML-file. In it however, only first_name and number are used, rendering it impossible to search by last name.

One can of course hand-edit the XML-file to use some more attributes, yet all changes are overwritten by FreePBX on each configuration change. Hence, keeping contacts up-to-date is somewhat cumbersome.

Question: Under what license is the FreePBX implementaion of DPMA? Does it make sense for me to hack some code to make the GUI editor for the phonebook a little more comprehensive and contribute that? Maybe even integrate it into the otherwise nicely done node.js UCP?


DPMA is commercial license from Digium.

Sigh… So there won’t be much movement anytime soon with the merger and all…

Maybe a little database application together with good use of lsyncd to prevent overwriting by FrePBX might be in order.

Digium D80 phones seem like running Android and it’s web view. So one might even be able to implement a contacts editor on the very phone (not withstanding license issues of course;)

PS: COO, seriously? May I ask instead then: Will DPMA for FreePBX do the above at some point?



We are working on the whole planned strategy still including phones. You asked about DPMA which is a Asterisk module that is commercial. The Digium Phone module in FreePBX that configures the phones is GPL and you can modify and contribute back those changes. I am pining @malcolmd here as the all things God of Digium Phones and Asterisk

To expand on tony’s answer:
This module is not maintained by the FreePBX team. Digium maintained a few modules independently for FreePBX.

Post Acquisition: To this point the maintenance (or future) of this module hasn’t been decided. So as of now the Digium maintained modules are still not maintained by the FreePBX team. Management of D series phones has been enabled free in the commercial endpoint manager. With this Phone Apps are also free for D series phones. You may find this to be a working solution for what your contact maintenance.

If you have bugs or feature requests for any of the Digium modules such as the digium_phones module you can file a ticket at https://issues.freepbx.org. These will assign out as appropriate.

Aye. The shortest (relative term) path there would be to modify the phonebooks generator so that it separates existing extensions into first and last names, based on the first space character as found in the Display Name for the extension, before creating the internal phonebook and allowing custom-added entries on custom phonebooks to also be separated into first and last name upon entry.

If you are using usermanager

php > include '/etc/freepbx.conf';
php > print_r(FreePBX::Userman()->getAllUsers());
    [0] => Array
            [id] => 1
            [auth] => 1
            [authid] => freepbx
            [username] => 1000
            [description] =>
            [password] => kkkkk
            [default_extension] => none
            [primary_group] =>
            [permissions] =>
            [fname] =>
            [lname] =>
            [displayname] => One Thousand PJSIP
            [title] =>
            [company] =>
            [department] =>
            [email] =>
            [cell] =>
            [work] =>
            [home] =>
            [fax] =>
            [language] =>
            [timezone] =>
            [dateformat] =>
            [timeformat] =>
            [datetimeformat] =>
            [dn] => One Thousand PJSIP
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Thanks very much people! I understand that DPMA as such is proprietary, not so the FP-module by the same name.

To solve the “searchable by last name”-issue, regex’ing through the entries and deviding them by whitespace could be an approach, as would be using the usermanager() array. The latter however, although very detailed seems to suited for internal users rather than arbitrary outside contacts, but I may be wrong.

@James: When will D80 support be added?

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