Digium Phone App Totally Broke

Hello all, using PBX 15 and asterisk 16.20.

My asterisk servers keeps crashing when my digium d50 phones try to connect to my server.
I have no issues when i configure the phone directly from the web portal & I was just able to use the endpoint manager, but i’m loosing a lot of functionality i had using the Digium App.

I could setup bls dials for everyone from the phonebook - have the park functionality attached…
Are all these features configurable under the Endpoint Manager?

I’ve been trying to find logs that explain what happened with no luck, every time i attempt to pick an extension from the phone asterisk crashes & restart but the phone does not get registered…

Thanks for any tips, id be glad to share more logs let me know what could help!


Coincidence ?

I don’t believe it is firewall related at all, probably corupted something in the app. Everything works fine when the app is turned off…! I Think i’ll be ok with the endpoint manager from now on.

The crash happens when a phone tries to register for the first time…

Weird though.

sangoma support took a look at my appliance and said they downgraded digium phone module to 18.0_3.6.3 and the crashes stopped.

so not “coincidental” :wink:

nope… But I think we missed each other earlier in the thread. I was agreeing with you that the other post was NOT a coincidence…

(nor was I being sarcastic perhaps prescient though :slight_smile: good that they fixed it ! )

The All Seing Dicko!

Ashcortech, maybe try to switch to the endpoint manager DPMA, i was able to get back and going, support for that plugin is probably going to be better down the line…?

New server, installed all updates. New D80s. Nothing will talk. On the D80s I get a list of the extensions however when I try to configure the phone to the extension it times out.

Downgraded to 3.6.3 as well and my issues went away.

After having 3.6.5-1 installed I ran:
yum downgrade asterisk16-res_digium_phone
This removed 3.6.5-1 and install 3.6.3-2.

I then ran fwconsole restart, configured the D80, and all is OK for now.

yeah this is one of my older systems. All new systems use EPM with DPMA. That was going well until the latest bug in the phone VPN functionality I hit last friday. Support confirmed it’s a bug yesterday and said they opened a dev ticket.

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