Digium D70 issues

FreePBX newb needs some help. I have installed FreePBX 13 64-bit. Firmware version is 10.13.66-5. I got two basic Avaya extensions working. I added DPMA to my server, and it is licensed and working. I am attempting to get a Digium D70 extension to work. The phone does not show up Iunder Connecivity/Digium Phones. I set it up as a pjsip phone under Applications/Extensions. The phone is connected to my FreePBX server, but if I attempt to dial an extension (I am using 5 digit numbers), it stops taking numbers after three. I can dial the phone from an Avaya extension. I am configuring the phone via the Web interface. What am I missing to allow me to dial extensions on this D70?

add the Mac on the digium web module and reset the D70 to default, then put option 2 I believe get configuration from Digium and put the ip address of the server and that will configured the phone automatically, believe me it’s really good, about the problem dialing the extension it’s because is using the default dialplan, once it’s configured and online you can go to the extension settings and find Digit map and there you can put your dialplan, I hope that help

Thanks. I turned off “easy mode” and was able to manually add a phone. I added the MAC and reset the phone, but it does not seem to find the FreePBX server to configure it. “Timed out contacting proxy”. Is there more configuration I need to do so the phone can get its settings?