Is there a way to set DigitTimeout with the GUI? I prefer to have to have to hit the dial button to launch the call. Somehow I got it to be that way one one system but on a different system it has a very short timeout and sends the call before I have completed dialing.

That generally needs to be set in the specific phone’s configuration"dial-string"

USUALLY…digit time out in dialing (at least the way you refer to it in your post) is at the phone level in my experience. The phones send the digits to the PBX in a single pass, not one at a time like our predecessors.
What kind of phones do you have.


If you have 4 digit extensions and you are in NANP land using 11 digit dialing, then your 00085XXXXXXX.cfg’s would use

sip dial plan: "XXXX|1NXXNXXXXXX|011X+|*2X.|*[1,3-9]X"

which should cover most things

Not worried as much about the dial plan waiting until it has collected enough digits as i am about wanting to correct a mis dialed number and then having the option to hit the “dial” soft key to send the call. I have one office phone system that works exactly like that. I have another that has a very short timeout. If you pause too long it sends the string and most of the time you have to start your call over.

Yep, the timeout is in the phone. The dialtone itself is generated by the phone, not the PBX. So when you lift the receiver and dial…that phone then dictates when to send to the PBX. The PBX doesn’t even know the state of the phone (offhook/onhook) until the phone actually sends the digits to the PBX.
Burried in the phone are the timeouts and dialplans…fun eh?

It appears I want to do “on hook dialing”

I logged into the phone, found and set the timeout to 6 seconds (up from 4). That will help.

But I am pretty sure at my other office it never times out.
You either either hit dial or goodbye to end the dialing.

I would like to replicate that at this office. The two offices are 100 miles apart so I can’t log into the other phone and look at its settings.

Here it is – it is in the phone

Live Dialpad*

The “Live Dialpad” option on the IP phone turns the Live Dial Pad mode ON or OFF. With live dial pad ON, the 6731i IP

phone automatically dials out and turns ON hands free mode as soon as a dial pad key or programmable key is pressed.

With live dial pad OFF, if you dial a number while the phone is on-hook, lifting the receiver or pressing the initiates

a call to that number.

*Availability of feature dependant on your phone system or service provider.

You can enable/disable the live dialpad using the IP Phone UI only.

Enabling/Disabling Live Dialpad

  1. Press on the phone to enter the Options List.

  2. Select Preferences.

  3. Select Live Dialpad.

  4. Use the Change key to turn the live dialpad ON or OFF.

  5. Press Done to save your selection.

So, problem solved.

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